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Old 08-03-2010, 09:42 PM   #1
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Post Historic Militia Bashing

I found this 1998 article which states
"Numerous vigilante type paramilitary troops were established whose principal occupation seems to have been to kill Indians and kidnap their children. Groups such as the Humbolt Home Guard, the Eel River Minutemen and the Placer Blades among others terrorized local Indians..."

"The newcomers sometimes met organized Indian resistance. In 1850 a Cupeno chief named Antonio Garra Sr. organized local Southern California Indians to resist an illegal tax imposed upon San Diego Indians by the county sheriff. Sporadic attacks upon both Americans and some Mexicans by Garra's followers resulted in a massive crackdown on Indian communities. Soon a rival Cahuilla chief captured Garra and turned him over to the authorities who promptly hung him and several of his followers. In 1851 several mountain Miwok tribes offered armed resistance to the hoard of miners overrunning their territory. When one tribe destroyed a trading post owned by an American who kept at least 12 Indian "wives" a paramilitary militia was formed and aggressively attacked Indians throughout the southern mines area. Eventually this group calling itself the "Mariposa Battalion" breached the unknown granite fortress of the valley of Yosemite. A ruthless campaign against the Yosemite Indians resulted in the capture of their Chief Teneya and a temporary exile to the San Joaquin River "Indian Farm"."

Although I don't doubt that there were some despicable acts, such as killing, rape and kidnapping, I am left to ponder a few questions- 1) During what war has this not happened? 2) Did some of the Indians also do these things?

Also, isn't it amazing to think that there was a war in Yosemite Valley? Part of California's untold wars/extermination.
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Old 09-17-2010, 11:40 AM   #2
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Default General rules of marginalizing the enemy

Same concept for demonizing / marginalizing the founding fathers who were "slave owners", "philanderers", "rich", "white" etc.

Except, of course, that these same founding fathers developed the system in which slavery would eventually be abolished.

It is revisionist history. Correct it at every opportunity, even in small talk conversation, forums, etc.

The jig is up. Now it's up to us.
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